Alinma Saudi Riyal Liquidity Fund – Alinma Investment

Current Unit Price (15/08/2017) 10.73
Change Since Previous close 0.00
Previous close (14/08/2017) 10.73
1 Year High (15/08/2017) 10.73
1 Year Low (15/08/2016) 10.50


1 Month Return(%) 0.18

6 Month Return(%) 0.96

1 Year Return(%) 2.16

3 Year Return(%) 4.67
Currency: SAR Management Fee: 20%
Category: Trade Finance Local Sub Category: Shari'ah Compliant
Date of Inception: 01/01/2011 Price at Inception: 10
Classification: Capital Preservation Minimum Initial subscription: 5,000
Additional Subscription: 1,000 Portfolio Type: Open Ended
Listing/Registration: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Risk: Low
Subscription deadline: - Redemption deadline: -
Valuation Date: Daily Announced on: Daily
Fund Assets: - Fund Benchmark: Average SIBOR 1 month

Fund Objective:
Investing holders units in the fund in assets, benefits and different types of goods excluding gold and silver, and through what the Fund Manager sees as appropriate of Shari'ah compliant investment instruments such as selling Murabaha, Ijara, and Sukuk.

Investment Policy:
Protecting capital while achieving rewarding return through low risk investments like investing in commodities and metals excluding gold and silver,and investing in Sukuk.

Administrator: Alinma Investment
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Fund Manager's Contact Information:
City: Riyadh Website:
Address: Al-Anoud Tower-King Fahad Road Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box: 66674 Telex: -
Postal Code: 11586 Telephone: 0096612185000
Fax: 0096612185000 Mobile: -
Note: All funds facts are updated continuously, however, it's strongly recommended to revert to the respective fund manager for the latest information before making any investment decision.

Mutual Funds (Funds managed under Alinma Investment)

Fund Name Category Sub Category Last Unit Price Valuation Date One year change
Alinma Saudi Equity Fund Stock Local Shari'ah Compliant 14.33 15/08/2017 9.36%
Alinma Saudi Riyal Liquidity Fund Trade Finance Local Shari'ah Compliant 10.73 15/08/2017 2.16%
Alinma Multi Assets Balanced Fund Balanced Local Shari'ah Compliant 11.95 14/08/2017 4.97%
Alinma Multi Assets Defensive Fund Balanced Local Shari'ah Compliant 11.86 14/08/2017 1.57%
Alinma IPO Fund Stock Local Shari'ah Compliant 8.99 14/08/2017 -1.5%
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