Riyad Bank - (1010)

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Board of Directors


Abdullah M. I. Al Eisa


Abdulmajeed A. A. Al Mubarak

Board Members:

Mohammad A. Al Afaleq
Abdurrahman A. H. Jawa
Ibrahim H. A. Sharbatli
Jamal A. A. Al Remah
Moataz Q. H. Al Azzawi
Mohammad O. A. Al Otaibi
Mohammad T. M. Al Nahhas
Nader I. Al Wahibi
Talal I. A. Al Qudaibi


PricewaterhouseCoopers Al Juraid
Ernst & Young

Senior Management

Abdul Aziz S. Al-Furaih
(Senior Executive Vice President)
Ahmed Y. Al-Tayib
(Executive Vice President, Risk Management)
Osaama A. Bukhari
(Executive Vice President, Corp. Banking)
Thalib A. Al-Shamrani
(Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer )
Riyadh Al-Zahrani
(Executive Vice President, Business Support)
Hani A. Abu Al Naja
(Executive Vice President, Branches)
Abdulaziz S. Al-Malki
(Executive Vice President, Treasury & Investment)
Adnan S. Al-Joyan
(Executive Vice President, HR)
Mohamad A. Al-Rabeah
(Executive Vice President, Marketing)
Abdulmajeed A. Al Mubarak
(Deputy CEO)
Adel A. Al Sheikh
(Executive Vice President, Retail Banking)
Ayed Al Zahrani
(Executive Vice President, Business Technology)
Mohammad A. Qureshah
(Executive Vice President, Finance)
Abdulaziz A. Al Askar
(Executive Vice President, Credit)
Enji A. Al Ghazzawi
(Executive Vice President, Operations)
Mohammad A. Abu Al Naja
(Executive Vice President, Corporate Services)
Nadir S. Al Koraya
(Executive Vice President, Treasury)
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