Amanah Global Equity Index Fund – HSBC SAUDI ARABIA LIMITED

Current Unit Price (01/12/2016) 18.52
Change Since Previous close -0.26
Previous close (29/11/2016) 18.78
1 Year High (18/08/2016) 19.63
1 Year Low (11/02/2016) 16.76


1 Month Return(%) -2.20

6 Month Return(%) -0.73

1 Year Return(%) -2.05

3 Year Return(%) 8.22
Currency: USD Management Fee: 1.3%
Category: Stock Intl Sub Category: Shari'ah Compliant
Date of Inception: 13/07/2004 Price at Inception: 10
Classification: Growth Minimum Initial subscription: 2,000
Additional Subscription: 1,000 Portfolio Type: Open Ended
Listing/Registration: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Risk: High
Subscription deadline: - Redemption deadline: -
Valuation Date: Bi-Weekly Announced on: Sat & Wed
Fund Assets: 13,000,000 Fund Benchmark: DJ Islamic Markets

Fund Objective:
To provide long-term appreciation of capital through investment in a portfolio of Shariah compliant equities that constitute Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index listed worldwide.

Investment Policy:
The Fund provides the opportunity to participate in the appreciation of global equity market with weekly liquidity and high standard of compliance with Islamic principles.

Fund Manager's Comments:
In April, the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index rose 4.88% in US dollar terms. Developed equity markets improved over the month, slightly outperforming emerging arkets. Better-than-expected Q1 earnings in the United States led the rally. As of the end of April, 74% of the S&P500's companies reported Q1 earnings. Among them 68% were ahead of estimates with an average growth on earnings of 19% from March 2010 to March 2011. On catastrophe consequences, Japan lagged, up 0.4% over the month. In emerging markets, better-than-expected GDP growth in Korea and Taiwan more than offset inflation worries in emerging markets. Despite another gain on oil prices, the energy sectors lagged, dragged by cost control policy especially in Brazil and China. Best performers were in the industrial and consumption sectors.

Sectors' Diversification
Information Technology 23.1%
Energy 18.3%
Consumer Staples 14.7%
Materials 14.2%
Consumer Discretionary 10.9%
Industries 10.1%
Others 3.4%
Telecommunication 2.6%
Health Care 1.5%
Utilities 1.2%

Major Investments
Exxon Mobil Corp. 3.7%
IBM 1.7%
Bhp Billiton 1.7%
Total SA 1.6%
Siemens AG 1.5%
Oracle Corporation 1.5%
Schlumberger Ltd. 1.5%
Chevron Corp. 1.4%


Fund Manager's Contact Information:
City: Riyadh Website:
Address: North Olaya Street - Al Morooj Area Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box: 9084 Telex: -
Postal Code: 11413 Telephone: 0096612992355
Fax: 0096612992373 Mobile: -
Note: All funds facts are updated continuously, however, it's strongly recommended to revert to the respective fund manager for the latest information before making any investment decision.

Mutual Funds (Funds managed under HSBC SAUDI ARABIA LIMITED )

Fund Name Category Sub Category Last Unit Price Valuation Date One year change
Amanah Balanced Portfolio Balanced Local Shari'ah Compliant 14.99 30/11/2016 -1.38%
Amanah Defensive Portfolio Balanced Local Shari'ah Compliant 13.56 30/11/2016 N/A
Amanah Growth Portfolio Balanced Local Shari'ah Compliant 15.28 30/11/2016 -4.65%
HSBC Amanah GCC Equity Fund Stock ARAB Shari'ah Compliant 12.45 30/11/2016 -8.89%
Amanah Global Equity Index Fund Stock Intl Shari'ah Compliant 18.52 01/12/2016 -2.05%
HSBC Amanah Global Emaerging Markets Equity Fund Stock Intl Shari'ah Compliant 7.24 01/12/2016 1.94%
Amanah Saudi Equity Fund Stock Local Shari'ah Compliant 22.29 30/11/2016 -9.61%
Amanah Saudi Industrial Companies Fund Stock Local Shari'ah Compliant 7.55 30/11/2016 -13.23%
HSBC Saudi Construction and Cement Stock Local - 6.11 04/12/2016 -13.64%
HSBC Saudi Petrochemical Equity Opportunities Fund Stock Local - 7.97 04/12/2016 12.5%
Saudi Equity Fund Stock Local - 124.68 30/11/2016 -12.64%
Saudi Equity Trading Fund Stock Local - 91.72 30/11/2016 -11.94%
Al-Amanah Trading Fund USD Trade Finance Intl Shari'ah Compliant 14.35 04/12/2016 0.54%
Al-Amanah Trading Fund SAR Trade Finance Local Shari'ah Compliant 15.32 04/12/2016 2%
Financial Institutions Fund Stock Local - 13.27 30/11/2016 -4.41%
HSBC Amanah Saudi Freestyle Equity Fund Stock Local Shari'ah Compliant 15.6 30/11/2016 -16.11%
HSBC Amanah Sukuk Fund Bonds Intl Shari'ah Compliant 9.97 29/11/2016 -0.68%
HSBC Amanah GCC Equity Income Fund Stock ARAB Shari'ah Compliant 10.68 30/11/2016 -7.8%
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