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Petrochemical sector’s revenue exceeds SR310 billion (Mushtaq Ahmed - Zughaibi & Kabbani Financial Consultants - 31/01/2013)

Saudi Arabia is the most prominent producer in the global petrochemical industry. The kingdom holds approximately one-fifth of the world’s proven oil reserves, which is considered to be the world’s largest reserve base. Saudi Arabia is

Kuwait: High-profile retail (Oxford Business Group - 31/01/2013)

The opening of the long awaited, third phase of The Avenues mall in Kuwait has provided the retail sector with a major boost, while reaffirming a growing demand for luxury goods. Kuwait has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world, estimated at

Analysis: Arab Spring diverts part of Gulf petrodollar flows ( Andrew Torchia - Reuters - 31/01/2013)

At an economic summit of Arab leaders in Riyadh last week, Saudi Arabia's crown prince called for a minimum 50 percent increase in the capital of a fund that lends money for development projects around the region. Prince Salman, next in line to the Saudi

Arab Common Market? Why not? (Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi - 29/01/2013)

MANY were surprised at the response of the American people to 9/11. I wasn’t. After living among them for five years, I realized how much Americans love their country. True they originally came from different parts of the world, with diverse and colorful

Saudi banks continue growth momentum (Mushtaq Ahmed - Zughaibi & Kabbani Financial Consultants - 23/01/2013)

Saudi Arabia's banking sector continues to maintain its growth momentum in 2012, due to the positive prevailing factors as well as the effort of financial governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia in coordinating to develop the financial sector and ensure its

Bahrain: Housing push to expand construction sector (Oxford Business Group - 21/01/2013)

Still high on Bahrain’s agenda is to bridge the shortfall in affordable housing through a mix of increased funding and greater involvement by the private sector. The twin benefits are seen as boosting the construction industry and contributing to social

KSA’s move simply in line with law of supply and demand (Syed Rashid Husain - Saudi Gazette - 20/01/2013)

AS soon as it was established that Saudi Arabian crude output went down to 9.025 million barrels per day (bpd) in December, from 9.49 million bpd in November, pundits all around went on overdrive. A hue and cry was raised, underlining that by curtailing

RAK: Year in Review 2012 (Oxford Business Group - 16/01/2013)

The economy of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has continued to expand, and while final year-end 2012 figures for growth have yet to be released, officials say they are confident that the forecast 8% increase in GDP – the same rate as in 2011 – will have been

What does 2013 hold for oil markets? (Tamer El Zayat - Arab News - 16/01/2013)

What was unique about the oil markets in 2012? What to expect in 2013? And how will OPEC and Saudi Arabia respond if demand weakens or new supply became readily available? Three paramount questions that need to be answered in order to illuminate the key

Kuwait: Year in Review 2012 (Oxford Business Group - 14/01/2013)

The year 2012 was one marked by ups and downs for Kuwait, with a record profit highlighting the country’s economic growth, but also exposing its perpetuating reliance on oil revenues. While the planning of new infrastructure projects and growth in the

Top tips on takaful, the insurance with an ethical focus (Abdulfattah Nasri - The National - 14/01/2013)

The Sharia-compliant takaful (insurance) industry is on the rise, with the sector forecast to be worth US$12 billion (Dh44bn) at the end of last year, according to a report by Ernst & Young. The UAE is one of the biggest markets for takaful and it is

Dubai’s timely vision (Rushdi Siddiqui - Khaleej Times - 14/01/2013)

As I was on DIFC’s Islamic Finance Advisory Council (2007) and presently on Malaysia’s Securities Commission International Islamic Advisory Council, hence, a number of colleagues have asked me about the recent announcement by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed

Qatar: Year In Review 2012 (Oxford Business Group - 12/01/2013)

A bid by Qatar’s government to consolidate several years of economic expansion, while channelling a budgetary surplus towards large-scale capital works projects, helped the country achieve its aim of more moderate growth for 2012. Yousuf Hussein Kamal,

Oman: Regulating Islamic finance (Oxford Business Group - 12/01/2013)

The recently released Islamic Banking Regulatory Framework (IBRF), a 500-page document setting out the regulations that will govern Oman’s financial sector, is set to open the door for both conventional and Islamic banks to market sharia-compliant

Move to strengthen parallel economy (Saifur Rahman - Gulf News - 11/01/2013)

The latest initiatives by Dubai Government to a set up a comprehensive platform of Islamic economy products and services will strengthen its position as a global centre for Islamic economy, analysts say. The move will see new comprehensive regulatory

Dubai: Year in Review 2012 (Oxford Business Group - 10/01/2013)

The emirate’s economy continued its recovery in 2012, with a number of key sectors posting high growth over the past 12 months. However, there are some concerns that the rebound could happen too quickly, resulting in further difficulties in the future.

Wisdom of new Basel III liquidity rules put under the microscope (Mushtak Parker - Saudi Gazette - 09/01/2013)

ow times change! Six years into the most pernicious global financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930’s, with the industrialized world still reeling from a credit crunch, a sovereign debt crisis and the real fear not of a double-dip but a

Gulf states counting even more on oil price (Tom Arnold - The National - 06/01/2013)

Big increases in GCC public spending this year are pushing up break-even oil prices for some states and raising concerns about the sustainability of government largesse. In recent days, Oman and Saudi Arabia have unveiled spending plans for this year

Islamic banking industry still has much to achieve (Mushtak Parker - Saudi Gazette - 03/01/2013)

The global Islamic banking industry enters its 38th year in 2013 in its contemporary phase with invigorated optimism, fueled partly by its continued proliferation in new markets especially in Oman and Arab Spring countries and partly by the impressive

Cross examining Islamic finance (Rushdi Siddiqui - Khaleej Times - 02/01/2013)

I wanted to share with the readers a sample of questions posed to me during the last few years of travel in Europe, GCC and Asean countries. The questions give insights into the ‘mindsets of the landscape’ and kaleidoscope of concerns in connecting to

On track for success (Issac John - Khaleej Times - 01/01/2013)

Propelled by fast-growing oil and non-oil sectors, the UAE economy, which is set to surpass the Dh1.4 trillion mark in 2012, is poised to pick up pace with 3.7 per cent growth in 2013. The impressive resilience of the diversified economy is all the more

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