Wealthy Investors

Source: FALCOM

Executive Summary


TASI closed at 4,803 on 31st December 2008 after dropping 36% in the fourth quarter of last year. It further lost 2% in the first quarter before bouncing 19% in the second quarter and 13% in the third quarter. The period tested the patience and risk appetite of all market participants. This report analyses investment patterns of wealthy investors in the tumultuous period since the end of last year and 9 months into the current year. During this period, Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) touched a six year low of 4068 on 9th March.

FALCOM Research looked at investments of Wealthy investors at the end of three of last four quarters – 31st December 2008, 31st March 2009 and 30th September to provide insights into how these deep pocket investors strategize in an uncertain and dynamic world of investments. Do they panic like the small investors? Do they frequently change their decisions when prices move? Do they accumulate more shares when the sentiments are down? What about the strategic investors – do they flee at the first sign of crisis or stay with the company at the cost of seeing their investments erode? Who are these investors?

Tadawul announces the changes in the holdings of those who have invested 5% or more in every company on daily basis. The study is entirely dependent on the data released by Tadawul. Other mega investors who just fall short of 5% threshold are not part of this study for the obvious lack of data although they might also be influential players in the market.

The entire data availability is in Arabic. At the very outset, we regret any errors in translation despite our best efforts.

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