14/08/2018 08:04 AST

The Saudi Transport Ministry announced that the number of road projects completed during the first half of 2018 has reached 55 projects, spanning 1,689 km with a total cost of 4.978 billion riyals. The announcement reflects the ministry’s ongoing efforts to improve quality and safety of the road network within the Kingdom, facilitating the movement of people, goods and boosting growth of the wider economy.

The total number of implemented projects by the end of the first half of 2018 counted 447 projects with a total length of 12,046 km, that cover the regions of the Kingdom.

More than 1.1 billion riyals in property compensations Affirming its keenness to compensate citizens for their expropriated properties in favor of road projects, the ministry has prepared 950 property compensation transactions with a total value of 1.190 billion riyals, of which 78 transactions have been disbursed at the value of 72 million riyals during the first quarter of 2018.

• 21 projects completed and opened to traffic

The total number of completed road projects which was opened to traffic reached 21 projects with a total length of 545 km, including 6 intersections. The number of projects being implemented by the end of the first half of this year reached 468 projects with a total length of 12,592 km and a cost of 42 billion riyals. The ministry aims to complete 152 projects by the end of 2018 with a total length of 4,222 km, amounting to 15 billion riyals.

• 468 projects under way

The projects approved during the first half of this year amounted to 468 projects with total lengths of 12,592 km, amounting to more than 42 billion riyals. Also, the first half of the year the ministry implemented 17 road rehabilitation projects spanning 97.377 km with a total cost of more than 169.594 million riyals.

• 70 projects costing SR 2.4 billion signed for 2018

The ministry also confirmed that the total number of projects signed for the year 2018 to date reached 70 projects with a total value exceeding 2.4 billion riyals, covering all regions of the Kingdom, including the 23 recently signed projects worth 1.737 billion riyals.

• 399 road maintenance projects

In line with its periodic and preventive road maintenance program, which holds great significance for its plans, the ministry implemented a total of 399 maintenance projects, 112 of which are for regular maintenance and 287 for preventive maintenance. The ministry has completed 85 maintenance projects during the first half of 2018 covering the fixing of barriers, traffic signs, signboards, reflective road signs, asphalting and hard-shoulders extensions.

• 314 km of dirt roads paved and opened to traffic

Since its establishment, the Ministry has paved, maintained and opened to traffic more than 150,000 km of dirt roads in various regions of the Kingdom. The Ministry is currently maintaining existing dirt roads serving citizens and government agencies. During the second quarter of 2018, the ministry has paved and maintained 17,000 km of dirt roads in addition to 314 km roads opened to traffic. All projects are conducted by the ‘dirt-road’ teams at the ministry’s branches within the 13 regions of the kingdom.

• 4,808 bridges inspected

During the first half of 2018, the ministry inspected more than 4,800 bridges and is targeting to inspect a total of 5,130 bridges by the end of this year, improving public safety. Moreover, repairing works are underway on 37 bridges, while 14 bridges are beaning removed and reconstructed.

• Screening and assessment of 11,245 km

The ministry also carried out screening and assessment works for total of 11,245 km, in addition to the detection of 19 black-point sites. The black-points treatment study conducted indicated that the total cost of safety enhancement works is amounting to 103 million riyals.

• Restructuring and rescheduling of 124 projects

The ministry also restructured and rescheduled 124 delayed projects. The amendments and restructuring included the extension and modification of the scope of work, the adjustment of the schedule of quantities, the introduction of new items and the approval of plans, as well as the removal of road obstacles. The value of regular maintenance contracts currently underway for the Ministry's projects has increased to 3.523 billion riyals and more than 2.2 billion riyals has been spent so far.

• Global Severity Factor

During the first half of 2018, the ministry has conducted Global Severity Factor tests for more than 11,340 km, within various regions of the kingdom.

It is worth noting that the total length of the road network implemented by the Saudi Transport Ministry has now exceeded 68,500 km, all designed according to global-best-standards, linking major cities within the kingdom. Making all roads expandable, to accommodate future traffic growth.

Saudi Gazette

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