Statistical tables No. (2) through (29) cover the money and banking statistics. Qatar Central Bank (QCB) is the main source of these data. The Financial Affairs Department furnishes Financial Stability .and Statistics Department (FSSD) with QCB’s financial statement Department of Public Debt, Banking Affairs And issuance furnishes FSSD with currency issued statistics, banks’ clearings, and banking ,(transactions whether through Qatar Monetary Market (QMR Repurchase Operations (Repo), or subscription in the Certificates of Deposit issued by QCB of various maturity dates. Supervision and Control department furnishes FSSD with the consolidated financial .statements of banks regulated by QCB in Qatar

Moreover, FSSD consolidate statements of the banking debit and credit interest rates and the interbank’s rate as well. FSSD prepares the data and published it on monthly basis according to IMF’s Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (2000). QCB treats data provided from.each financial institution as confidential information

The monetary data are final prior to publication (except the QCB’s financial statement data at the end of the year which is published first as preliminary data, and then amended to be final). Data is revised when amendments to methodology or data classification are made.effective

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