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China’s luck on currency devaluation risks running out on Trump ire
(Gulf Times - 23/07/2018)

For more than a month, China seemed to be enjoying the advantage of exchange-rate depreciation without the global backlash and panicky capital outflows that accompanied the bout of yuan weakening in 2015. Then Donald Trump took issue.<br/><br/> The US

Weak dollar tone set to continue on Trump currency salvo
(Gulf News - 23/07/2018)

All eyes will be on the dollar this week as US President Donald Trump’s trade war turns into a currency war. Trump called out China and Europe Thursday and again on Friday for manipulating their currencies and keeping them low against the

Venezuela is delaying new currency push amid hyperinflation
(Gulf News - 22/07/2018)

Venezuela could delay plans to introduce its new currency as banks haven’t received the new bills and quadruple-digit inflation heightens the need for new money, according to people familiar with the matter.<br/><br/> President Nicolas Maduro’s initial

Dollar holds gains after Fed remarks as stocks up
(The Gulf Today - 18/07/2018)

The US dollar held gains on Tuesday against a basket of major currencies following an upbeat economic assessment from the head of the US Federal Reserve, while world stocks edged higher, with Wall Street erasing earlier losses.<br/><br/> In written

Pakistan devalues rupee again amid 'overheating' economy
(The National - 17/07/2018)

Pakistan’s central bank devalued the rupee for the fourth time since December seeking to slow depletion of its foreign-exchange reserves before a national election in nine days.<br/><br/> The currency, whose rate is set by the central bank, dropped as

Euro’s lockstep dance with pound may end as dollar reign fades
(Gulf Times - 16/07/2018)

The euro has been moving in lockstep with the pound for months amid a dominant strong-dollar theme. That may be about to change. This summer may see the greenback’s influence wane on the euro-sterling pair, which could start responding more to UK

Euro, yuan dip as U.S.-China trade fears boost dollar
(Reuters - 13/07/2018)

The euro fell to a nine-day low on Friday and the Chinese yuan slid again after data showing a record Chinese trade surplus stirred worries about the U.S.-China trade row, encouraging investors to buy into the safety of the dollar. <br/><br/> The yen -

Pakistan’s central bank tightens currency movement
(The Gulf Today - 09/07/2018)

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken stringent measures to tighten currency movement within the country amid depreciation of the national currency following the grey-listing of Pakistan by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).<br/><br/> The

Turkish lira falls for 4th day; rate rise bets grow
(Gulf Times - 05/07/2018)

Worries about rampant inflation pushed the Turkish lira down for a fourth straight day yesterday, with money markets pointing to growing expectations of another sharp rise in interest rates.<br/><br/> The lira fell 0.7% to 4.7120 to the dollar after also

China to be less interventionist on yuan than in 2015
(Times of Oman - 05/07/2018)

China is comfortable with a weakening yuan, intervening only to prevent any rapid and destabilising declines or to restore market confidence, as the economy loses momentum and faces further risks from a heated trade dispute with the United States, policy

China would halt disorderly yuan slide, Morgan Stanley says
(Gulf News - 03/07/2018)

China is not using yuan depreciation as a tool in its trade conflict with the US, and will likely step in to avert any disorderly decline, according to Morgan Stanley.<br/><br/> “We don’t expect policymakers to encourage material RMB depreciation,” China

Yuan seen sliding to 2008 low as China policy shifts
(Gulf Times - 02/07/2018)

China’s yuan will head in time to its weakest since 2008, and the country’s stock slump also has further to go, according to the veteran global economist George Magnus.<br/><br/> The currency’s decline will only deepen as monetary policy on the mainland

Bitcoin jumps back above $6,000 to give respite to investors
(Gulf News - 02/07/2018)

The weekend is offering some respite for Bitcoin investors. The bellwether of the cryptocurrency world rose 8 per cent to $6,370.26 (Dh23,378.85) as of 8:10am in New York on Sunday, according to Coinbase prices. The gain, which comes after the digital

Bitcoin's 2018 crash stokes fears of a Dot-Com like meltdown
(The National - 01/07/2018)

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise last year had many observers calling it one of the biggest speculative manias in history. The cryptocurrency’s 2018 crash may help cement its place in the bubble record books.<br/><br/> Down about 70 per cent from its December