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Euro Hit by Political Turmoil and Inflation Softness
(Action Forex - 29/09/2018)

The EUR/USD lost 0.26 percent on Friday. The single currency is trading at 1.1610 and accumulated 1.16 percent in losses during the week. A higher than predicted Italian budget for 2019 at 2.4 percent and softer core inflation in the eurozone put

Strong Dollar Awaits Jobs Report to Validate Further Fed Hikes
(Action Forex - 29/09/2018)

The US dollar is mixed against major pairs on Friday. The dollar gained against the JPY, EUR, GBP and CHF but depreciated against the commodity pairs (CAD, AUD and NZD). <br/><br/> Fundamental data in the US supported the dollar: the Fed delivered its

Iranian rial hits record low of 170,000 to the dollar
(Arab News - 27/09/2018)

The Iranian rial hit a record low against the US dollar on the unofficial market on Wednesday, the local Tasnim news agency reported, amid a deterioration in the economic situation in Iran and the reimposition of sanctions by Washington.<br/><br/> The

Pound stays in thrall to politics as Brexit talks reach impasse
(Gulf Times - 24/09/2018)

The pound may take a further beating from political headlines in the coming week as traders are unlikely to take their eyes off Brexit. Sterling tumbled from a two-month high after UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that Brexit negotiations

Investors eye upcoming Fed meeting for hints on dollar
(Gulf News - 24/09/2018)

All eyes will turn to the US Federal Reserve this week, amid expectations the central bank will hike interest rates, a move that is likely to create slight volatility in US stocks and the dollar.<br/><br/> Analysts said, while a hike by 25 basis points

Global trade tensions dent rupee; closes at 72.98
(Gulf News - 19/09/2018)

The latest global trade protectionist measures, along with high crude oil prices, dragged the Indian rupee to a fresh low of 72.98 per US dollar on Tuesday. At 5 p.m., the rupee closed at 72.98 per greenback from its previous close of 72.51 per dollar.

Turkey, Russia rate hikes seen as a boost for emerging market currencies
(Gulf News - 17/09/2018)

The latest hikes in interest rates by central banks in both Turkey and Russia are expected to help Emerging Market (EM) currencies this week following a volatile month, analysts said.<br/><br/> The hikes could also provide a boost for India’s rupee,

Europe is pushing for global role of the euro
(Gulf Times - 16/09/2018)

The European Union wants to bolster the global role of the euro as part of an effort to avoid being pushed around by President Donald Trump, whose foreign policy actions are increasingly at odds with its trans-Atlantic partner, Spanish Foreign Minister

Argentina’s currency crisis a boon for foreign tourists
(Gulf News - 16/09/2018)

Argentines may be feeling the pinch of their country’s economic woes, but for tourists, the troubled peso is proving a holiday boon. Brazilian Pedro Perreira de Azevedo has been rubbing his hands in delight after his family holiday, with his wife and

Rupee tumbles to Rs19.85 per dirham
(Gulf News - 12/09/2018)

Continuing its downward trend, the Indian rupee hit a new low of Rs72.91 to a dollar; Rs19.85 to Dh1; on Wednesday morning. The rupee has been on a down slide owing to inflationary pressure and decline among its global peers against the dollar. On

Rouble falls beyond 70 per dollar
(Oman Daily Observer - 11/09/2018)

The Russian rouble weakened beyond 70 versus the dollar for the first time since March 2016 on Monday, remaining under pressure from concerns and uncertainty about US sanctions. The rouble hit 70.16 versus the greenback at the market opening, taking its

Europe in no rush to regulate crypto market, officials say
(Gulf News - 10/09/2018)

Crypto traders reeling from a week of losses are getting a soothing message from the European Union. Finance ministers gathering in Vienna agreed that they won’t rush with steps to further regulate the market, and that they’ll wait for the outcome of a

Rial’s plunge forces Iran to open door to foreign money
(Arab News - 09/09/2018)

Iran gave permission to money exchange offices on Saturday to start importing foreign currency banknotes, state media reported, in an apparent attempt to stop the rial from plunging to a new low against the dollar.<br/><br/> Iran’s currency has lost

Currencies under the spotlight amid trade woes
(The National - 05/09/2018)

Currency and commodity markets managed to pare some of their earlier losses in August to end the month largely flat. We saw the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange euro /US dollar contract move from 1.17 levels to as low as 1.13 in mid-August before

Iran rial hits record low at 138,000 to dollar
(Gulf Times - 05/09/2018)

The Iranian rial hit a record low against the US dollar on the unofficial market yesterday, a foreign exchange website reported, amid a deterioration in the economic situation and the reimposition of sanctions by the US.<br/><br/> The dollar was being

Indonesian rupiah hits 20-year low
(Gulf News - 04/09/2018)

In a sign of the pressure on emerging currencies, the Indonesian rupiah fell 0.7 per cent to its lowest level since the Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998. The rupiah has weakened nearly 9 per cent against the dollar so far this year, one of the worst

Pound investors face months of volatility into Brexit endgame
(Gulf Times - 03/09/2018)

The next few months are going to be fun for pound traders. Sterling’s volatility left political pundits scratching their heads last week, as European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s promise to offer the UK an unprecedented partnership sent the

Omani rial exchange rate increases 4.1%
(Times of Oman - 02/09/2018)

The real exchange rate of the Omani rial rose by 4.1 per cent to 103.5 points at the end of June 2018, compared to 102.1 points in the same period in 2017, which indicates a rise in the purchasing power of the Omani rial.<br/><br/> According to

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