Market Information Trading Co. boasts a team of highly qualified professionals working towards one goal: to provide the most accurate and up-to-date financial information to our valued customers. At the helm, the management has employed its sophisticated business insights and well-honed management skills to make Zughaibi and Kabbani Financial Consultants one of the leading financial consulting firms in the GCC region.

Management Structure:

  • Operations Department
  • Finance & Accounting Department
  • Marketing Department
  • IT Department
  • Customer Relations Department
  • Administration Department

All departments of our organization work in tandem to deliver excellent service to our customers. Before actually hiring and assigning employees to their respective jobs, we provide management training to all prospective staff. Evaluation of employee performance is carried out on a regular basis, after which management reviews the post assignment and remuneration for each employee.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent, and offer candidates ample opportunity to prove their abilities. If you possess excellent skills in the financial and investment arena and want to be a player in our success story, please send your resume to us at:

Market Information Trading Co.

P. O. Box 15570, Jeddah 21454

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

E-mail us at [email protected]

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