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QNBK 142 162,311
DAMAC 2.89 5,430,902
RIBL 10.3 89,694
GMPC 4.11
BKMB 0.4 354,051
WALAA 28.1 202,424

The Commercial Bank of Qatar

Source: NBK Capital

Dividends for Kuwaiti Companies – 2009 Review

Our analysis for this section stems from a previous publication (dated October 5, 2009) in which we examined the likelihood of listed Kuwaiti companies within the service, industrial, and food sectors paying cash dividends for FY2009. In this follow-up edition, we compare our earlier expectations with the results of who actually paid dividends for 2009. We further create and compare specific indices to the MSCI Kuwait Domestic Price Index and the MSCI Kuwait Domestic Gross Index.

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