Al-Murabih SAR Murabaha Fund – ALBILAD Investment

Current Unit Price (15/08/2017) 1.22
Change Since Previous close 0.00
Previous close (14/08/2017) 1.22
1 Year High (15/08/2017) 1.22
1 Year Low (16/08/2016) 1.20


1 Month Return(%) 0.16

6 Month Return(%) 0.91

1 Year Return(%) 2.24

3 Year Return(%) 4.88
Currency: SAR Management Fee: 0.8%
Category: Trade Finance Local Sub Category: Shari'ah Compliant
Date of Inception: 01/01/2006 Price at Inception: 1
Classification: Income Minimum Initial subscription: 8,000
Additional Subscription: 2,000 Portfolio Type: Open Ended
Listing/Registration: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Risk: Low
Subscription deadline: - Redemption deadline: -
Valuation Date: Daily Announced on: Daily
Fund Assets: 174,275,000,000 Fund Benchmark: SR1M'th bid rate Adj MGTF

Fund Objective:
The Murabahah Fund - SR " Al- Murabeh" seeks to keep the invested capital and achieve reasonable return through a direct participation in Murabahah transactions that does not conflict with the Islamic Sharia Principals. We can say the investment in this fund is one of the most appropriate investment tools to protect the capital against inflation risks

Investment Policy:
The bank invests the deposited capital in commercial Murabahah transactions which includes the purchasing of different types of common commodities - except Gold and Silver- and then sell it at price exceeding the purchase price to make a profit.

Fund's Benefits:
The Murabahah Fund - SR " Al- Murabeh" has many unique benefits: Achieve "Halal" return as the fund is in line with Sharia Compliance Decreasing the risk factor in this fund and easy liquidation of investments (in case you want to get a quick financial liquidity). The bank has vast knowledge of ideal investment opportunities. Therefore, saves your search efforts for ideal investment opportunities. Easy to subscribe and easy to redeem (withdraw) partially or totally according to your desire. Albilad Bank charges its clients minimum fees.

Assets Allocation
Murabaha 99.2%
Cash 0.8%

Fund Manager's Contact Information:
City: Riyadh Website:
Address: AlWorod district , King Abdullah Ro Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box: 140 Telex: -
Postal Code: 11411 Telephone: 0096612918888
Fax: 0096612039899 Mobile: -
Note: All funds facts are updated continuously, however, it's strongly recommended to revert to the respective fund manager for the latest information before making any investment decision.

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Al-Murabih SAR Murabaha Fund Trade Finance Local Shari'ah Compliant 1.22 15/08/2017 2.24%
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