Tihama Advt. & Public Relations Co. - (4070)

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Stock Market: Saudi Stock Exchange
Official Sector: Media
Market Cap Size: Micro Cap
Gulfbase Sector: Consumer Discretionary

Company Overview

Establishment Date: 14/04/1975
Paidup capital: SAR 75,000,000
Par value per share: SAR 10.00
Outstanding Shares ('000): 7,500


Advertising, public relations, marketing, publication and distribution through its wide chain of bookstores in Saudi Arabia. It has substantial interest in several subsidiary and associated local and foreign companies that deals in advertising, publication and distribution, namely: Tihama Distribution 99%, Tihama Al Mona International - Luxembourg 83%, Image - United Kingdom 65%, Watan Agency 60%, Intermarkets 51%, Ad. Art Median 50%, United Journalists Jersey - United Kingdom 65%, United Advertising Co. 49.9%, Saudi Co. for Sign Board Distribution 42.5%, Star Media Holding - Lebanon 25% . TIHAMA also participates in a number of companies (under formation): such as Saudi Fax, Middle East for Administration Services in UAE, Saudi Co. for Supply of Signboards for advertising.
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